Polishing a bid for Bata shoes

December and January has been a very busy period at SBSA HQ, though this hasn’t stopped us from sparing some time for our local community.  Our friends at the Bata Heritage Centre in East Tilbury library have been looking to expand their exhibition spaces so that a greater range of Bata artefacts can be displayed.  With the Bata Shoe Company having housed, employed and served local residents for much of East Tilbury’s history, there is a strong local attachment to this heritage.

SBSA has been working closely with Bata Heritage Centre members on a pro-bono basis to put together a funding application.  If successful, this will enable the group to increase exhibition space by 50%.  While there can never be any certainties when making grant applications, we feel that the case for a well planned project with clear benefits has been convincingly made.  Will keep you posted!