Great ideas rely on securing resources to make them happen, and therefore building a compelling case for funding is crucial.  That case needs to set out how your aspirations align with the objectives of the prospective funder, also demonstrating how your project idea is based on sound evidence and focussed research.  Once a grant a secured, developing a positive relationship with the funder and managing the funding well, can open up the possibility of securing further resources for future phases of work.

Scott B Sullivan Associates has extensive experience in the preparation and administration of funding applications from £1000 to over £1million.  This includes small trusts and foundations, national grant making bodies such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, and European funding programmes.

Preparing supporting documents

  • Capital work development RIBA Stages 0-3
  • Conservation Plans
  • Activity Plans
  • Audience Development Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Education Plans
  • Volunteering Plans
  • Skills and Training Plans
  • Interpretation Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Event Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial Appraisals
  • Management and Maintenance Plans

Preparing funding applications

Administering successful applications

  • Developing your vision
  • Pre-application
  • Stage 1 funding applications
  • Stage 2 funding applications
  • Building relationships with prospective funders
  • Reviewing unsuccessful funding applications
  • Progress reporting
  • Finance claims
  • Liaising with funders
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Project Management
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