Scott B Sullivan Associates is there to help people transform places through clear and deliverable plans and projects. While place making is driven by people, having practical strategies, effective fundraising and well planned projects certainly helps.

If you are looking to transform a place and require project planning, management and fundraising expertise, or guidance negotiating the planning system with a human touch, SBSA can support you.

Our mission is to help people transform places through effective projects and planning. We achieve this through:


By facilitating collaboration within organisations and between communities, non-profits, and private companies to create the conditions needed for positive change.


By working with planners, architects and local authorities to support positive change through the planning system.


By making positive change happen by leading fundraising efforts and delivering projects that are well planned and managed.

About the founder

Scott has always had a curiosity for unusual buildings and places.  This interest extends beyond the visual elements that everyone sees, to the histories and culture inhabiting a place that each person will experience differently.  It is the concept of places as something shared, yet something individual that Scott finds particularly compelling, leading to the people-centric approach he takes to his work.

Having developed his experience working with people and places across several local authorities and an environmental charity over six years, Scott understands what is required to take an idea and then support people to make it happen. He is a Chartered Town Planner able to provide qualified advice that gets the best from the planning process, coupling this professional background with extensive experience in project fundraising and management as a PRINCE2 practitioner – skills that are integral to transforming places. Scott established SBSA in order to bring together the opportunities afforded by the planning system with those enabled through fundraising and project management in a simple, straightforward way with people at the core.

When not located in a historic building, a quirky place or a green space, Scott can usually be found at a dining table enjoying interesting and tasty world cuisines, usually containing chilli and other strong flavours. He has a soft spot for Nandos Extra Hot.  Otherwise he spends his time concocting grand plans for his house and garden, working through his ever increasing pile of unread books, and indulging in video gaming nostalgia. He lives in East Tilbury with his wife Emma and feline sidekicks, Thomas and Ellie.


  • Chartered Town Planner
  • PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner
  • Successful Fundraising Track Record
  • Public and Charitable Sector Experience
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