To build great ideas that stay standing, they need to be structurally sound and for that, solid foundations are needed.  This is where business planning comes in.  Business planning allows you to identify what your idea needs to become robust, why those elements are required, test whether they will work, and if they will, how you will implement it, maintain it, and who will do what.  If the idea doesn’t stack up, it is far easier and cheaper to revise it through a business planning process than trying to rescue something half-standing with a weak foundation.

Scott B Sullivan Associates is well accustomed to leading business plan processes, both for organisations and for specific initiatives and projects.  As a small business that has developed from an idea, we especially understand how important business planning is in giving ideas the best chance to grow and succeed!

Developing a Business Strategy

  • Developing your vision
  • Developing clear business goals
  • Developing a simple yet effective framework
  • Monitoring and review

Market Research

  • Identifying and segmenting markets relevant to you
  • Market research to assess need and demand
  • Market research into competitors
  • Targeted marketing strategies, both traditional and digital
  • Identifying your Unique Selling Point

Business Operation

  • Developing management arrangements
  • Developing maintenance arrangements
  • Identifying supplier requirements
  • Identifying premises
  • Identifying equipment requirements
  • Identifying legal and policy requirements
  • Assisting with the planning process if required

Financial elements of Business Plan

  • Identifying capital and revenue elements
  • Developing evidence-based income assumptions
  • Identifying evidence-based expenditure assumptions
  • Developing cash flow forecasts
  • Feasibility Studies
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